Summer Activities for Dogs

With warmer weather approaching most of the United States, we wanted to give some helpful ideas and tips on promoting fun and exercise for your dog this summer. You could stay in the air-conditioning all summer, but my bet is Fido would much rather get outside an do some activities with you!

#1. Take a walk
Taking a walk with your furry friends is not only a good source of exercise, but is also great bonding time. When the temperatures get hot, it may be a good idea to do early morning walks. Please remember that the pads on your pups feet can get burns from hot surfaces. If you do choose to walk during extreme temperatures, please provide your dog with protective foot wear.

#2 . Sprinkler Fun
While growing up, I remember my dad getting the yard sprinkler out to help cool us down and provide entertainment. The cool water was fun and refreshing to run through. Just as we enjoyed it as a children, our dogs also find it extremely fun to play fetch while running through a stream of water. This activity helps cool down dogs and provides refreshment.

#3. Go to the Beach or Lake
Playing fetch and relaxing by the water is a favorite hobby among dogs. Many canines enjoy jumping in the water to chase a stick or toy. Many dogs also enjoy to swim, which is a great form of exercise. This activity is perfect for cooling dogs down on a hot summer afternoon.

#4. Go Camping
When I was a child, my family would go camping on a regular basis. “Ginger” was our West Highland White Terrier, and she would come along on every trip. She loved exploring the woods and activities we would do as a family. Spending vacations with our furry friends is great for bonding and making memories you will always remember.

#5. Backyard Agility Fun
With some simple items you may have at your home, you can set-up a fun agility course. Some helpful items would be a child's play tunnel, PVC pipe, Flex Drain Pipe and Duct Tape. Do a Google search online for DIY Agility course and you will find many plans on how to create a budget friendly course that is fun and effective.