Lollycadoodle Wool Dog Toys & Cat Beds is excited to provide pets with natural and fun toys by Lollycadoodle. They produce beautiful toys that are made with 100% felted wool. Each toy is handmade by artisans in Nepal at a fair-trade facility. Fair Trade agreements help provide workers with wages that can improve their quality of life and communities.

The process of felting wool is simple and has been used for centuries to produce a durable material. One of the main benefits of wool is that it is 100% digestible, which is beneficial if part of a toy in accidently ingested.

Below we will go into detail about our favorite Lollycadoodle toys and beds.

Wool Rings:

Lollycadoodle Wool Rings Dog Toys

The Wool Rings are available in two sizes. Small has an approximately 6.5“diameter and the Large has an approximately 9“diameter. They are perfect to use for tugging, but are also great for tossing and games of fetch. A great benefit of the rings is that it gives you and Fido a great area to grip.

Wool Balls:

Lollycadoodle Wool Rings Dog Toys

Each ball will provide much fun and excitement. They are solid and durable toys that can be rolled on the ground, tossed through the air, and are a favorite for fetch. The bright colors will be easy to spot on the ground and will help your dog see it soaring in the air. This is their most durable toy, as it cannot easily be chewed on by the back of the mouth.


Lollycadoodle Wool Snakes Dog Toys

While you may not enjoy the company of real snakes, their wool counterparts do not bite and will provide hours of fun. We love the snakes because of their unique shape that can bring great fun to tossing and tugging sessions. The snakes are available in two sizes, Small is approximately 18“ long and the Large is approximately 24“ long.

Infinity Tug:

Lollycadoodle Wool Infinity Tug Dog Toys

Dogs that love to tug will enjoy the Infinity. This tug toy has two sections, one for your dog to hold, and one for your hand to grip. It is a fun design that is sure to provide great tugging fun!

Cat Cave:

Lollycadoodle Wool Cat Cave Beds

Felines enjoy having a safe shelter to go and escape noise and commotion. The Cat Cave Bed is a beautiful hand-made piece of art that is made with wool, which naturally repels odors and dirt. Its unique look will look wonderful in many home decors and fits perfect in corners.

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