I'd Rather Be With My Dog Treats

We are constantly looking for new brands of pet treats that are Made in the USA with high quality ingredients. This month, we are introducing “I'd Rather Be With My Dog” which come in a variety of flavors to please your finicky pup.

All the ingredients in these treats are sourced from the United States or New Zealand and are of high quality. Their recipes include protein sources such as Salmon, Duck, Lamb, Venison, Fish, Turkey and Beef. I'd Rather Be with my Dog is the first pet brand that formulates their recipes to comply with the Paleo diet.

In addition to great flavors, they also have treats that can help in a variety of ailments such as joint pain, digestive health, and skin health. All their treats have coconut oil which is known to help provide beautiful coats and can reduce inflammation. If you are looking for a grain-free healthy snack for your 4-legged friends, look no further than I'd Rather be with My Dog.

You can purchase I'd Rather Be With My Dog Treats at NaturalPetWarehouse.com or by calling 877-595-5276.