The Benefits of Probiotics for Dogs

The Benefits of Probiotics for Dogs

Having a pet dog has many benefits. They make excellent companions, protectors, and playmates. Other than these well-known perks that come with being a dog owner, dogs have also been known to help keep you healthy by encouraging you to exercise and de-stress. Your pets deserve your care and attention by making sure that you feed your them the most nutritious food and supplements, including probiotics.

Much like they do for humans, probiotics offer numerous health benefits to dogs. Studies show that probiotics for dogs help maintain good bacteria in the gut as well as prevent bad bacteria from invading their digestive tract. A dog’s digestive tract plays an important role in making sure your pup gets the nutrition it needs from food; it also helps to maintain the strength of your dog’s immune system. Probiotics wards off certain types of bacteria that can make your dogs ill, such as salmonella and e. coli.

When to Give Probiotics

As a supplement, probiotics may be given daily to dogs. They may also be given if your dogs have been through situations that may have compromised their immune system. These include consuming unclean food and/or water, traveling, undergoing surgery, taking antibiotics, and suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases.

The Many Other Benefits of Probiotics for Dogs

In addition to helping promote healthy digestion and boosting the immune system, probiotics for dogs have many other health benefits. By promoting good bacteria in the body, they can actually help dogs prevent and treat skin problems caused by yeast. They can also help prevent or ease constipation and diarrhea and may even put an end to bad breath.

Many supplements like Herbsmith Microflora Plus Digestion Supplement for Dogs and Cats at also contain prebiotics and herbs that promote bowel health, such as licorice, cinnamon, and ginger. Prebiotics complement the function of probiotics by supporting the growth of good bacteria in your dog’s gut. The best probiotics for dogs also contain prebiotics—these work in synergy to promote digestive health.

Of course, the success of any supplement also largely depends on what you feed your dog. In conjunction with probiotics, dogs must also be given a balanced diet and be allowed to exercise regularly. Generally, dogs should stay away from foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt. Take your dogs to the vet for annual check-ups and vaccinations as these can help prevent or treat illness early.

If you are looking for a dog supplement that offers similar benefits to probiotics, you can also try supplements that contain plant enzymes that aid digestion like In Clover OptaGest Digestion Supplement for Dogs and Cats.

If you are unsure about what food and supplements to give to your dog, it is always best to contact a holistic veterinarian. Your vet can answer any questions that you may have about probiotics for dogs, including directions for dosage.

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Sojos Wild™ Dog Food

Sojos Wild™ Freeze-Dried Dog Food

We are proud to introduce Sojos Wild™ Dog Foods. These formulas are made with raw ingredients which are gently freeze-dried to produce a highly nutritious food which is easy to prepare and feed. We are excited about this food because it is designed to provide the nutrition of feeding homemade, with the convenience of feeding dry or canned foods. Each recipe uses either Wild Boar, Free-Range Venison, or Wild Caught Salmon to provide great taste and a healthy diet. Sojos Wild™ recipes are made by Sojos one batch at a time and contain No grains, glutens, or genetically engineered ingredients.

Sojos has been producing wholesome foods for dogs and cats since 1985. They are dedicated to using top quality ingredients to provide the best nutrition available. Each batch is made in Minnesota at their family-owned mill. Sojos has made themselves famous by producing wholesome dog foods that are easy to feed and feature freeze-dried ingredients which are of human-grade. Their foods are forulated to provide the convenience of kibble with the high nutritional content of raw.

You can purchase Sojos Wild™ dog foods at We are a leading supplier of Natural Foods, Treats, and Supplements for Dogs & Cats.

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Goat's Milk for Dogs

Goat's Milk for DogsFor Dogs

As pet owners, we are always trying to find new ways to care for our furry friends. When we first heard about Goats Milk for Dogs and Cats, we were curious about how it can benefit our pets. After researching the subject, we found that it is high in nutritional content and can benefit humans and pets alike.

The consumption of Goat Milk has been helpful in relieving ailments since 2000 BC. It has been used to treat many health concerns which include poor digestion, inflammation, diarrhea, kidney disease, just to name a few. Goats Milk is also the most consumed milk throughout the world, and is getting more popular in the United States.

Goat Milk is one of the most easily digestible foods on earth. It contains an enzyme called lactase, which helps in breaking down lactose and has fat molecules which are much smaller than similar molecules found in cows milk. The result is a food that is highly digestible and can even be digested within 20 minutes.

Is Goats Milk Good for Dogs?

Goats Milk is good for dogs, and can help promote great overall health. It is a natural source of probiotics, prebiotics, proteins, vitamins and proteins. Many dogs & cats struggle with allergies that cause itchy skin, these pets can benefit from the anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties of goats milk.

Where to Buy Goats Milk for Dogs & Cats?

Most natural food stores carry fresh goats milk, but a more convenient method of feeding goats milk is dehydrated. The Honest Kitchen Pro Bloom is a shelf-stable instant goat's milk product that does not require refrigeration. All you need to do is open one of the individually wrapped packets and mix with warm water before serving. The gently dehydrated goat milk features added probiotics and digestive enzymes to help promote a healthy digestive and immune system. The Honest Kitchen uses only Human-Grade Goat's Milk which is sourced from free-range goats in the Pacific Northwest.

Goat's Milk can benefit dogs and cats overall health and well-being. It has also been used to treat and cure many ailments that humans, dogs, and cats face throughout their lives. You can purchase Dehydrated Goats Milk at or by calling 877-595-5276.

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