Tuckers Introduces Barkin' Blends Dog Treats

Tucker's Barkin' Blends Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Tucker's just introduced a new line of treats called Barkin' Blends. These freeze-dried treats are available in the following recipes, beef and bacon and beef and sweet potato. The freeze drying process is effective in preserving the meat, without exposing it to high temperatures which helps it retain the nutritional value and flavor. Barkin' Blends are cube shaped snacks that are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients. They are perfect for snacking and even as a food topper.

Tuckers Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, 12 Ounces

In addition to the 16 ounce bags of jerky, Tucker's just introduced a 12 ounce bag of each variety. This new size is available in Mighty Max's, Klassic Kelli's, Wild Wyatt's and Slammin Sammy's. These jerky slices are moist and each piece is individually wrapped to maintain freshness. Each variety features all natural ingredients that are of human-grade.

You can purchase Tucker's Jerky Dog Treats at NaturalPetWarehouse.com or by calling 877-595-5276.

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Introducing Grandma Lucy's Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's

NaturalPetWarehouse.com is now a retailer of Grandma Lucy's Dog Food. They choose to carry this line of products after careful evaluation of quality, sourcing, and manufacturing processes. With many unique protein sources and high nutritional value, Grandma Lucy's has set themselves apart as a leader with freeze-dried diets for dogs. Their foods and treats are proudly Made in the USA with human-grade ingredients. The Freeze-drying process gently removes 98% of the moisture, while keeping many of the nutritional characteristics of raw ingredients. The result is a convenient and nutritionally rich food that is a great substitution for feeding a raw frozen diet. Grandma Lucy's dog foods are GMO-Free, Preservative-free, and all natural.

Grandma Lucy's Artisan Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's Artisan Dog Foods are grain-free recipes which are available with chicken, pork, lamb, bison, or venison as the protein source. Each recipe contains USDA meat as the main ingredient, followed by nutrient rich fruits and vegetables such as carrots, blueberries, cranberries, and apples. These complete and balanced diets are a great choice for pet owners that want great nutrition for their furry friends.

Grandma Lucy's Pureformance Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's Pureformance Dog Foods are available in 4 different varieties including chicken, goat, and rabbit. Like all their other foods, it is made with 100% human-grade ingredients and Made in the USA. Pureformance Dog Food differs from the Artisan formulas because it features Chickpeas instead of potatoes. All these recipes are completely natural and are packed with produce that is rich in antioxidants. These complete and balanced diets are highly convenient and nutrient rich.

Primal Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's Valor Dog Foods are contain USDA Meat and are available with Chicken, Lamb, or Fish. This food is unique because it features Quinoa which is known as a superfood. In addition to the Quinoa, it also contains antioxidant rich carrots, celery, apples, bananas, blueberries, cranberries and pumpkin. This combination of ingredients provides a wholesome and delicious food that your dogs can thrive on.

You can purchase Grandma Lucy's Freeze-Dried Dog Food and Treats at NaturalPetWarehouse.com or by calling 877-595-5276.

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New Primal Dog Treats and Packaging

Primal Dog Treats

We are proud to carry Primal Pet Foods products and are excited to introduce several new treats that are now in production. Since 2001, Primal has been a leader in freeze-dried foods and treats for dogs and cats. Last month, they released new varieties and packaging of Nibs, Munchies, Chips and Snaps. These all natural treats contain protein sources such as Venison, Beef , Buffalo, Turkey, Chicken and Pork. Each variety contains limited ingredients and is Grain-Free, Gluten-Free and Preservative-Free. Their treats are proudly Made in the USA with human-grade ingredients sourced from New Zealand and the United States.

Primal Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Not only does Primal make great treats, but they also manufacturer Freeze-Dried Diets for Dogs and Cats.. Their foods are made with USDA Human Grade ingredients are are always Grain-free and Gluten-Free. Each protein is sourced from the United States with exception of Venison and Lamb, which are sourced from USDA approved farms and ranches in New Zealand. Each recipe features antibiotic-free and steroid-free meats along with organic produce to ensure that your pets are receiving great nutrition. Their freeze-dried foods provide a convenient and highly nutritious diet that is not exposed to high heat during production. This allows the nutritional content to say viable and increases your pets nutritional intake.

You can purchase Primal Freeze-Dried Dog Food and Treats at NaturalPetWarehouse.com or by calling 877-595-5276.

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Pet Care on a Budget

Since we love our four-legged friends and treat them just like family, we even dress them up and buy them presents like our beloved two-legged children. Therefore, they’re worthy of a few more dollars when it comes to their diet.

But as consumers, sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what we’re purchasing nowadays, especially when it comes to pet food. While we don’t want to buy the super-cheap varieties that are full of preservatives, byproducts and other unhealthy ingredients, at the same time we don’t want to overspend on healthier options.

But it begs the question, what exactly are byproducts and why are they so harmful to animals? What other ingredients in traditional pet foods are dangerous?

Byproducts, by definition, are really two-fold, meat and poultry, whose real ingredients are less than pleasant. According to Pet Food Advisor, the pet food producers themselves define them as:

  • Meat: The non-rendered, clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially defatted low temperature fatty tissue, and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents.
  • Poultry: The non-rendered clean parts of carcasses of slaughtered poultry such as heads, feet, viscera, free from fecal content and foreign matter except in such trace amounts as might occur unavoidably in good factory practice.
  • Basically, byproducts are slaughterhouse waste, with the exception of things like hair, horns and hooves, they can be almost anything. As responsible pet owners, we train our animals to stay out of the garbage, so why would be intentionally feed it to them?

    Copious Amounts of Corn

    If you read labels, in many varieties of inexpensive retail pet foods, you may see corn or corn meal as the main ingredient. Just like the byproducts mentioned previously, it doesn’t necessarily mean the actual food portion of this grain. It could be ground up cobs, portions of the husk, stems, leaves and other waste products - not the kernels themselves.

    These unhealthy ingredients can cause a variety of health problems for dogs including digestive issues and allergies. Corn and other grains are not fully digestible by animals and therefore aren’t nutritious for them to consume.

    Corn Another problem with grains is the possibility of the presence of mycotoxins, a form of mold that can occur naturally, which can sicken or even kill some animals. As a matter of fact, a class action lawsuit was filed against Purina earlier this year in relationship with this dangerous ingredient allegedly found in their Beneful brand of dog food.

    But Why?

    Because byproducts and corn are cheap, that’s why. It’s that simple. The producers of most big retail pet foods are in the business of making money and not concerned with keeping our pets healthy.

    The bottom line is, if we spend a little more now, we’re going to spend a lot less down the road on expensive veterinary bills which will give us extra spending cash for us pet lover’s gifts. Feed your pets nutritious, all natural food and they’ll not only be healthier and happier, they’ll be around a lot longer for us to enjoy their precious company.

    NaturalPetWarehouse.com provides a huge selection of freeze-dried and dehydrated dog foods at great prices. Thank you Amber Kingsley for writing this article to educate about pet food and treat nutrition.

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Why Choose Kangaroo Meat for Dog Food & Treats?

Kangaroo Dog Treats

In Australia, Kangaroo has been widely used in pet foods for the past 30 years. This is due to several factors, but mostly because of health benefits and availability. Australian Kangaroo is not farmed, they are a true free range animal which feeds on grasses, bushes, and trees. The result is a healthy meat that is low in fat, high in protein and naturally free of added antibiotics and hormones.

Kangaroo is known to be a hypoallergenic meat, which makes it perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. If your dog has itchy skin, ear infections, patches or fur missing or other signs of food allergies, it may be worth it to try a different source of protein such as Kangaroo. Because many pets have never been fed kangaroo meat, they have a higher chance of not not having an intolerance or allergy. It is also naturally rich in iron, zinc, and Vitamins B6 and B12.

Another benefit to feeding kangaroo meat treats or food is that it is a natural source of (CLAS) Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This is a naturally occurring fatty acid which can benefit overall health with it's antioxidant properties. This meat has the highest amount of CLAs compared to all other red meats and can help lower cholesterol and improve the immune system.

Barkworthies Dog Treats is a good place to start if you are interested in trying kangaroo. They provide all natural snacks that are made with free-range and grass-fed Australian Kangaroo. Their varieties include jerky, sausage, tails, and ribs. Barkworthies is dedicated to providing dogs with 100% digestible treats that are made with high quality ingredients and are tested by the FDA and USDA.

You can purchase natural dog food and treats at NaturalPetWarehouse.com. They are a family owned business which has a huge selection, competitive prices, free shipping offers, and great service.

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Vital Essentials Introduces New Freeze-Dried Dog Foods

Vital Essentials Mini Nibs and Mini Patties Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Since 1968 Vital Essentials has been a leader in raw dog food. They are now offering their freeze-dried diets in two new protein sources that will be a hit among your dogs. Their Mini Patties and Mini Nibs now are manufactured with Duck or Turkey as the protein sources. Mini Nibs are a new variety of food that is similar to the nibblets, but have smaller pieces which are easier for small breed dogs to chew.

Vital Essentials chooses to freeze-dry their ingredients because it is a slow and gentle process in which the all the active nutritional elements are retained. Freeze-Dried Dog Foods can be stored without the need of freezing or refrigeration for added convenience. This process provides a convenient method of feeding raw food that was not cooked with high temperatures.

Dogs were not designed to consume cooked foods, which is why you see them eat raw meat as their main food source in the wild. Canines are natural carnivores, which is why Vital Essentials uses single-sourced USDA animal proteins in their formulas. Each diet contains No grains, preservatives or rendered by-products. Each of their products is proudly Sourced, Made, and Packaged in the USA at a USDA certified and inspected pet food facility!

You can purchase Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog Food at NaturalPetWarehouse.com or by calling 877-595-5276.

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Sojos Wild™ Dog Food

Sojos Wild™ Freeze-Dried Dog Food

We are proud to introduce Sojos Wild™ Dog Foods. These formulas are made with raw ingredients which are gently freeze-dried to produce a highly nutritious food which is easy to prepare and feed. We are excited about this food because it is designed to provide the nutrition of feeding homemade, with the convenience of feeding dry or canned foods. Each recipe uses either Wild Boar, Free-Range Venison, or Wild Caught Salmon to provide great taste and a healthy diet. Sojos Wild™ recipes are made by Sojos one batch at a time and contain No grains, glutens, or genetically engineered ingredients.

Sojos has been producing wholesome foods for dogs and cats since 1985. They are dedicated to using top quality ingredients to provide the best nutrition available. Each batch is made in Minnesota at their family-owned mill. Sojos has made themselves famous by producing wholesome dog foods that are easy to feed and feature freeze-dried ingredients which are of human-grade. Their foods are forulated to provide the convenience of kibble with the high nutritional content of raw.

You can purchase Sojos Wild™ dog foods at NaturalPetWarehouse.com. We are a leading supplier of Natural Foods, Treats, and Supplements for Dogs & Cats.

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How to Care for Senior Dogs: Nutrition and Exercise Tips for Senior Dogs

Tips for Senior Dog Care

In most cases, senior dogs require special care and attention to stay healthy, happy and maintain a high quality of life. While they may lack energy compared to those bouncy puppies that can win your heart in a split second, senior dogs have plenty of unconditional love to offer and make loyal companions that will stay by your side no matter what. Want to take better care of your senior dogs? In this case, you should start by understanding their special necessities and addressing them in an ideal manner.

Understanding the Aging Process in Dogs

Dogs age at a different pace. Generally speaking, small dog breeds age slower than giant dog breeds. Nonetheless, researchers have reached the conclusion that several factors, such as the environment, lifestyle, nutrition and genetics influence the pace of the aging process in dogs. To be able to prevent health concerns associated with the signs of chronological aging displayed by your four-legged friend, just follow the simple tips listed below.

Tips on How to Keep Your Aging Dogs Healthy, Lively and Happy

  • Monitor Your Dog’s Eating Habits. A dog that eats very seldom may be dealing with one of more health concerns. For instance, many senior dogs end up dealing with dental problems. If your dog is having a hard time chewing its favorite treats, consider switching to a different kind of food. Digestive issues are another common symptom of canines aging. In this case, it is highly recommended to invest in premium foods designed especially for older dogs containing easy-to-digest ingredients. Some formulas could also incorporate beneficial supplements added to eliminate or reduce the unpleasant symptoms triggered by the aging process. As pets age, their metabolic rate slows, which can lead to obesity. This makes it important to closely monitor the calorie intake to prevent your dog from becoming overweight.
  • Take Your Senior Dogs to the Vet at Least Twice a Year. How often do you take your dog to the vet? Generally speaking, aging dog should be seen by a veterinarian at least once every six months. At the vet, they should undergo a routine health checkup, similar to the one recommended for younger dogs. At the same time, additional dental care and blood work may be required, as well as special examinations conducted based on the particular symptoms that your companion may be experiencing. Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to keeping a senior dog healthy, active and happy. Whenever possible, we recommend using a holistic veterinarian and using natural remedies.
  • Don’t Neglect the Importance of Proper Parasite Control. Did you know that an element as simple as parasite control could prolong the life of your pet and help you prevent a wide range of canine diseases? Worms, fleas and ticks could lead to severe health problems that may be difficult to handle by an old dog with a weakened immune system. Therefore, when it comes to implementing an effective parasite control plan, keep in mind that year-round vigilance is a basic requirement. We recommend using natural parasite control such as garlic remedies and Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Adjust Your Environment to Respond to the New Needs of Your Senior Dog. Most owners focus on regular checkups, pest control strategies and dietary and lifestyle changes to enhance the wellbeing of their pets, while ignoring the fact that their own environment can put their senior companions at risk. If you want to take good care of your aging dog and eliminate the potentially dangerous obstacles that could limit its comfort and/or raise safety concerns, you should start by senior-proofing your home. For example, If your dog usually sleeps with you upstairs, now would be a good time to leave its bed or mat, water and food downstairs, as stair climbing could become quite a challenge after a certain age.
  • Pay Special Attention to Exercising and Nutrition. In order to help your senior dogs live a much more fulfilling life, focus your attention on two key elements: nutrition and exercising routine. Buy vitamin-rich foods and treats that your pets could easily chew and digest. Just because your dog is aging, this doesn't mean that you should let it become the victim of its own sedentary lifestyle. Keep your senior dog active and healthy, without pushing it too far. Simple exercises, like the ones that your pup would normally perform during a relaxing walk in the park, could be enough to help provide a better mobility and a higher quality of life.
  • Last but not least, remember that the love that you are sending to your dog on a daily basis can make all the difference in the world, by helping your beloved friend cope with the signs of the aging process with minimal difficulties.

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Introducing Waggers Dog & Cat Food

Waggers Dog and Cat Food

We are introducing Waggers Dog and Cat Food.. Each recipe is made with 100% natural ingredients which are sourced in the United States and Canada. Waggers carefully selects their ingredients to provide a wholesome diet which is a perfect match for your carnivore friends. Each diet is grain-free, gluten-free, starch-free, and has meat as the #1 ingredient. Waggers started making food and treats with a simple philosophy of becoming the best dog and cat treat company in the world, which is exactly what they are doing.

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Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

The Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

The Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

If you are a dog owner, you know how important proper nutrition is when it comes to the good health of your friend. Sweet potatoes are packed with wholesome nutrition, but are not used enough in pet food & treats. Below are a few of the benefits of using sweet potatoes in your dog’s diet.

  1. Sweet potatoes make excellent chewable treats

  2. Dogs love to chew. It strengthens their jaws, cleans their teeth and keeps them occupied and happy. Unlike wolves and coyotes in the wild, pet dogs do not have many things they can chew, so they chew on their owner’s shoes and other leather items inside the house. To save their shoes, many owners give toys or rawhide to satisfy their urges to chew. However, there are concerns about using rawhide as a chewable treats for dogs, one being the risk of choking on the rawhide.

    In order to give their dogs safe and nutritious chewable treats, many pet owners can use alternatives to rawhide. One of the most popular among these alternatives is the sweet potato dog chew. Sweet potato chew treats are better than animal rawhide for many reasons. Below are more reasons as to why sweet potatoes are good chews.

  3. They are less attractive to bacteria

  4. Unlike rawhide, which are made from animal skins, sweet potato dog treats are made from a vegetable and are therefore less susceptible to being colonized by bacteria and other microorganisms. Dogs can enjoy chewing these treats without the danger of getting sick from bacteria such as e-coli.

  5. You get the full benefit of an unprocessed food

  6. The animal skin used in making rawhide need to go through many processes in order to make them last a long time. Those processes could possibly include added chemical preservatives. On the other hand, sweet potato chew treats are simply made by baking sliced sweet potatoes in the oven for twenty to thirty minutes. Then they are placed on the freezer for several days to further remove the remaining moisture. Chemicals are not needed to preserve the sweet potato treat because vegetables are not very conducive to microorganisms.

  7. They have more nutritional value

  8. Pet owners who want to maximize their dog’s potential would surely like the treats they give their dogs to be nutritious. Rawhide made from animal skins are lacking nutrition, as skins are probably the least nutritious part of any animal. On the other hand, Sweet Potato Dog Treats are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. Not only will the dog love sweet potatoes’ sweet taste, they may also become healthier eating them.

  9. Sweet potatoes are not difficult to digest

  10. Rawhide are almost similar to leather. Both are made from animal skin and when they are dried and processed, they are very difficult to digest. Dogs who chew rawhide and swallow a lot of them may find themselves having tummy aches. On the other hand, sweet potato is made of starch. If it’s immersed in water, it will disintegrate and dissolve. Stomach acid can also break down starch easily. A dog can eat many of these snacks safely.

    Most dog owners would give anything to make their dogs happy and healthy. Because chewing is a favorite hobby among dogs, many pet owners give them rawhide. Unfortunately rawhide are not really very safe, that is why many dog owners are switching to sweet potato chews. Sweet potatoes are one of the safest and most nutritious food options for your dogs.

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Think!dog Alligator Jerky Dog Treats

Think!dogWe are excited to introduce Think!dog Natural Dog Treats. We currently carry 3 varieties of the jerky treats. First is the Standard Alligator Jerky, then we also carry the Alligator & Sweet Potato and the Alligator & Blueberries varieties.
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Dog Food & Treats Made with Human Grade Ingredients

Pets are part of the family...and we should feed them accordingly. Natural Pet Warehouse is proud to carry many products for pets that are made with high quality human grade ingredients. In this article we are going to highlight some brands that use USA sourced Human Grade ingredients in their dog food & treats.
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