Sojos Wild™ Freeze-Dried Dog Food

We are proud to introduce Sojos Wild™ Dog Foods. These formulas are made with raw ingredients which are gently freeze-dried to produce a highly nutritious food which is easy to prepare and feed. We are excited about this food because it is designed to provide the nutrition of feeding homemade, with the convenience of feeding dry or canned foods. Each recipe uses either Wild Boar, Free-Range Venison, or Wild Caught Salmon to provide great taste and a healthy diet. Sojos Wild™ recipes are made by Sojos one batch at a time and contain No grains, glutens, or genetically engineered ingredients.

Sojos has been producing wholesome foods for dogs and cats since 1985. They are dedicated to using top quality ingredients to provide the best nutrition available. Each batch is made in Minnesota at their family-owned mill. Sojos has made themselves famous by producing wholesome dog foods that are easy to feed and feature freeze-dried ingredients which are of human-grade. Their foods are forulated to provide the convenience of kibble with the high nutritional content of raw.

You can purchase Sojos Wild™ dog foods at We are a leading supplier of Natural Foods, Treats, and Supplements for Dogs & Cats.