Omega 3 For Dogs

You don’t have to spend much time on social media, the internet or just your television to have heard about Omega-3 oils. You can find them in fish oil capsules as well as flaxseed oil for dogs. And if you’ve read or listened to any of what is being said, you know it is good for you. Well did you know it is also good for your dog? Here are just some of the fish oil benefits for dogs that can be enjoyed as you add these essential oils to their diet:

Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

You can help develop a healthy and shiny coat by adding Fish Oil Soft Gel Caps or Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to Fido’s dinner bowl, especially if your dog has some dry or itchy skin issues.

These oils also help boost and regulate your pet’s immune system in general and helps with any allergies they may have. If your dog is pregnant, fish oil can help those puppies develop healthy bodies and brains. It also helps with aging dogs, keeping their brains healthy longer. It doesn’t stop with all of that goodness: Fish oil can help with muscle or joint pain from arthritis or regulate bowel problems, blood pressure, weight and triglycerides. And if that isn’t enough — if your dog is dealing with kidney disease, cancer or heart disease — Omega-3 fish oils for dogs give support to help fight against the worst symptoms.

No matter what diet you have your precious friend on, Omega-3 oil is a vital supplement for his health for every stage of his life. The oil options we have at Natural Pet Warehouse are specially formulated for your dog, and he will love the taste. Try Wild Alaskan Salmon Oilso he can enjoy the taste of salmon with his meal.

Now, hopefully, you now know why you should be getting one of the many possible items offering Omega-3 oils for your dog, but you might be wondering just how much should you give him and is there a point when it is too much?

There is a point when you are giving too much, but knowing how much is not tricky, so here are some pointers.

Healthy dogs. If your dog is healthy and you are giving him the oil for health maintenance and that beautiful shiny coat, then the standard rule is 100-150 mg of EPA & DHA per day per ten pounds of weight.

Ailing dogs. If your dog has some health issues, allergies, skin conditions, or internal struggles, then the usual rule is 300 mg of EPA & DHA per ten pounds of dog.

In either case, if your dog is on a mainly animal protein and veggie diet, no or little grains included, you will not need as high of a dosage of the Omega-3 oils.

Now, you may be wondering why you can’t just use the same Omega-3 oils that you take yourself. You can, but often these have flavoring that dogs do not enjoy. Since a dog’s sense of smell and taste are much more refined than ours, why not allow yours to enjoy his food to the maximum?

Whether fish oil and flaxseed oil is for your dog or yourself, it should be kept in a cool and dark place. An ideal place would be in your refrigerator in a dark or not clear container. Do not purchase too much at a time since like any oil, it can go rancid and with fish oil this is especially so.

Now, do not delay, get your pet started on a happier and healthier path.