Frankly Pet USA 100% Collagen Natural Beef Stick Wraps for Dogs, 5-ct
Frankly Pet USA 100% Collagen Natural Beef Wraps for Dogs, 8-ct

Frankly Pet USA 100% Collagen Natural Beef Stick Wraps for Dogs, 5-ct

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Size 8 Pieces, 5" - 6" Long
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Frankly Pet Beef Wraps are thin, short and made specifically for small breeds. These thin sticks are rich in flavor and provide an excellent alternative to rawhide. It's made using 100% Collagen which strengthens joints, prevents injuries, and keeps their nails and coat healthy. Each chew is sourced from USDA cattle born and raised in the USA. These wraps can help support good dental hygiene as your pup chews. They take safety seriously, which is why their facility is Certified by BRC Global and the Global Food Safety Initiative. Each chew is fully traceable back to its source. Frankly Pet proudly produces USA Made Treats, using USA Sourced Ingredients, and USA Manufacturing.

Product Benefits:

  • Made & Sourced in the USA!
  • Thin Stick Wraps are Great for Small Breed Dogs
  • USDA Cattle
  • Promotes Healthy Oral Hygiene
  • Long Lasting Chew
  • Natural Alternative to Rawhide
  • No Rawhide, 100% Collagen
  • Natural Source of Collagen

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