NUPRO Joint & Immunity Support Dog Supplement, 30-oz
NUPRO Joint & Immunity Support Dog Supplement, 30-oz

NUPRO Joint & Immunity Support Dog Supplement, 30-oz

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NUPRO Joint & Immunity Support Dog Health Supplement adds Glucosamine Complex, MSM, and Ester-C to enrich the Original "Gold" Formula, especially for the Active and/or Senior animal. Your dog now has the benefit of a scientifically balanced combination of select ingredients specifically formulated to support normal joint structure, function and flexibility as well as promote optimal overall health and well-being. It helps to maintain the health and resiliency of joints, muscles and connective tissues, and to ease discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and active lifestyles. This is not just for Senior Dogs or those who may have joint issues! Active athletes (agility dogs, surfing dogs, dock-diving dogs, weight pulling dogs), show dogs, working dogs (police, arson, search and rescue K-9s), sled dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, AND large breed dogs, as well, will benefit from the addition of Glucosamine to their daily regimen.

30 ounce size NUPRO Supplements contains 30 scoops. A 1 month supply for a dog weighing 40 pounds.

Product Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Packed with Nutrition
  • Featuring Norwegian Kelp with is full of Vitamins and Minerals
  • All-In-One daily supplement
  • Contains Desiccated Liver for Ultimate Palatability
  • Flaxseed for Omega Fatty Acids

Feeding Directions:

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