Higgins Vita Seed Conure & Lovebird Food, 25-lb Bag
Higgins Vita Seed Conure & Lovebird Food, 25-lb Bag

Higgins Vita Seed Conure & Lovebird Food, 25-lb Bag

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Size 25-lb Bag
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Higgins Vita Seed is developed to provide great nutrition for your Conure and Lovebirds. It is a premium food featuring natural seeds along with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients. This food is proudly made with top crop seeds and grains which are blended with premium dried fruits and vegetables. It also contains Higgins inTune extruded morsels for added nutrition. It contains No artificial colors, preservatives and flavors your companion bird doesn't need. Higgins food contains protected probiotics and plant-based DHA Omega-3 fatty acids that are stabilized to support your pets immunity and overall health. Made in the USA!

Product Benefits:

  • Rich in DHA Omega 3
  • Contains Real Fruits and Vegetables
  • Convenient & Easy to Feed

Feeding Guidelines: Fill your pet bird’s food dish with approximately what your pet consumes within a 24 hour period. Usually for conures and lovebirds, this will range from ¼ to ½ cup of food per bird. Adjust the portions to meet your bird’s specific dietary needs. Supplement this diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Remove uneaten food and seed hulls and clean food dish before refilling with new food. Always maintain fresh drinking water for your pet bird.

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