Durkha Cheese Chew for Dogs, Medium
Durkha Cheese Chew for Dogs, Medium

Durkha Cheese Chew for Dogs, Medium

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Durkha Cheese Chew for Dogs, Medium
Size Medium, Ideal for Dogs Less Than 35-lbs
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Durkha is an ancient, protein-rich Yak and Cow Milk based Himalayan recipe. Durkha has been enjoyed for centuries and is prevalent among the Himalayan people. Durkha Canine Chews are produced with these same ancient techniques. After boiling Yak and Cow Milk, it's cooled down and stripped of fat. This fat free milk is boiled again, mixed with Lime, Salt, and all lactose is removed. After all the moisture is extracted, a process which takes almost two weeks, the result is hardened Durkha which is then cut in different sizes and shapes. Lastly it is smoked for 4 months to give it the flavor your dog loves. Durkha Dog Chews are a long lasting & easily digestible alternative to other chews. It's proudly made in Nepal

Product Benefits:

  • Handmade in the Nepal
  • Odorless & Grain-Free
  • Non-Staining
  • Long Lasting Dog Chew
  • All Natural, No Preservatives

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