Who doesn't love dogs? But, not everyone is willing to keep dogs as pets because of the one big issue - they shed everywhere! Not only do they shed, but many people are allergic to pet dander that stops them from bringing home a loving doggo of their own.

However, not everyone knows that you can now still bring home a beautiful dog of your own without having to worry about your allergies or about the dog getting hair over everything. This is because you can think about getting one of the hypoallergenic dogs that don't shed.

There are many breeds of dogs that don't shed and are hypoallergenic. Non-shedding dog breeds are best for those who have someone in the family with a dog allergy or individuals who just cannot keep up with the fluff and dog hair over everything and want to live a non-furry life again.

When you think about getting a hypoallergenic dog, there are certain types of breeds that fit best. This doesn't mean that they won't shed at all, but these hypoallergenic breeds usually have a single-layer coat that sheds less and therefore leads to fewer allergies.

Here are some dogs that don't shed so that you can have your very own hypoallergenic dog.

1. Affenpinscher

This is a funny and curious breed of dog that is all about bravery. Affenpinschers make for affectionate little puppies, and their longer outer coats do not shed much if you take care to brush them regularly so that there is no matting. These are wire-haired dogs that shed their undercoats very little and that too, mostly seasonally.

They weigh less than ten pounds, almost looking like little toy puppies. Their tiny size also means there is less hair for them to shed. Another bonus of getting an Affenpinscher is that they are known to be one of the least doggy-smelling breeds of hypoallergenic dogs.

Being so tiny in size and having minimal shedding, taking care of an Affenpinscher is also cost-effective, and you can find everything you need for your little pup at the Natural Pet Warehouse, which is one of the most loved pet accessory stores online. So be it food for your Affenpinscher to buying tiny toys for your toy-like doggo, you can get it all at the Natural Pet Warehouse .

2. Afghan Hound

Looking at an Afghan Hound, the last thing you would imagine is that this dog breed doesn't shed! However, despite its long, silky coat, the Afghan Hound is a great hypoallergenic dog that is simply stunning. Its flowing locks shed only minimally, but by no means is this a no-fuss dog breed.

You can purchase all the hair care items needed to maintain its glorious coat from Natural Pet Warehouse as your fancy dog that doesn't shed needs at least two baths per week, combined with daily brushing. Daily coat care ensures that there will be minimal shedding.

These are slender dogs that need a lot of exercise, so make sure to only bring one home if there is enough space for them to run around.

3. Barbet

You might not have heard of this one dog that doesn't shed. This water dog comes with a dense, curly coat and is one of the best medium-sized dogs that don't shed and are hypoallergenic. Barbets are known for their cheery demeanor, and they are intelligent and athletic dogs that need to run around a lot.

This is an easy-to-live breed, as long as it gets sufficient exercise. However, if you are a clean freak, then this dog might not be for you as they enjoy getting dirty very quickly. Here's something from the Natural Pet Warehouse that can help you keep your Barbet squeaky clean when it comes back all muddy from its walk.

4. American Hairless Terrier

This is one of the easiest dogs to take care of for people who are allergic to dogs and don't want dogs that shed. The American hairless terrier is entirely hairless and quite petite. It weighs under 16 pounds and has a height of just 16 inches at the shoulder. This dog breed is smart, playful, and has a lot of courage for a dog its size.

When you compare the American hairless terrier to other dogs that don't shed, this dog breed comes out to be low maintenance and only needs a daily walk and an occasional bath to keep it clean. However, since this small critter is completely hairless, make sure that you remember to apply sunscreen to your dog's skin whenever you go out.

Since this dog is so low maintenance, you can consider splurging on your lovable friend by buying some accessories from the Natural Pet Warehouse .

5. Coton de Tulear

These hypoallergenic dogs are small and affectionate and have a long, soft coat that doesn't shed. For those who love fluffy dogs but don't want hair all over the house, this dog breed is perfect as they don't shed.

This breed is loyal, easily trainable, friendly, and affectionate. However, this breed needs regular grooming to ensure its white coat doesn't get matted. You can now buy all your grooming needs from the Natural Pet Warehouse at very reasonable costs.

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