Boss Dog Beef Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Food, 12-oz Bag
Boss Dog Beef Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Food, 12-oz Bag

Boss Dog Beef Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Food, 12-oz Bag

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Boss Dog Beef Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Food, 12-oz Bag
Size 12-oz Bag
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What Boss Dog can resist the savory flavor of beef? The first ingredient in this Freeze Dried Raw Diet is always meat, creating a complete and balanced formula to provide your pet the best nutrition and tail wagging eating experience! Boss Dog Brand Freeze Dried Raw Diet is an easy way to provide your pet with optimal nutrition with the added benefits of probiotics! We believe offering certain raw food products provides pets the foundation for a diet that resembles one akin to their diet in the wild. Our Freeze Dried Raw Diet makes is easy to serve as a complete meal, or feel free to use as a snack, topper or mixer with your pet’s other foods.

The nuggets make it easy to serve the desired quantity no matter how you are using it and our complete and balanced formula delivers delicious protein along with other nutritious ingredients while being completely free of grain, soy and corn!

Product Features

  • Over 500 Million Probiotics Per Cup
  • Complete & Balanced Meal Solution
  • Soft & Easy to Chew
  • Beef is #1 Ingredient

Feeding Directions:
BOSS DOG FREEZE-DRIED RAW DIET FOR DOGS can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on your pet’s feeding needs. While our freeze-dried raw diet for dogs is a complete and balanced meal, we suggest adding it to your preferred kibble or daily primary food source to increase yields for larger dogs, while enhancing every meal. Due to the importance of moisture in any pet’s raw diet, we also suggest gently rehydrating our product with either water, or Boss Dog Raw Goat Milk to encourage nutrition absorption and moisture retention. For best rehydration results, gently crumble our product into a bowl or dish, and add 1-2 tablespoons of raw goat milk, water, or appropriate liquid. Gently stir the mixture, and allow to hydrate for a just a few minutes to achieve best results. Adult Dogs- Split the total daily serving into 2 feedings per day. Puppies and pregnant/lactating females- Split the total daily serving into 3-4 feedings per day. Boss Dog Freeze Dried Dog Food weight may vary per formula. The feeding guidelines are approximate, as every pet has different metabolic requirements based on their breed, overall health, and activity level.

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