Filled with Omega 3 fatty acids and oils, Cod Skin for dogs is the best treat you’ll give to your furry friend. These essentials help your dog have healthy skin and will source your dog’s high protein needs. Well, but are you still wondering if they are healthy for your pup? Or, how can you buy them? What about fish skin? We’ve got you all covered in this article. 

The cod used to make this cod skin is caught wild in season is not contaminated and is extremely beneficial for your dog in more than one way. Similar to Cod, fish skins are also high in omega oils and prove to be a healthy treat. 

What are Cod Skins? 

Cod skins are a delicious treat for your pup which is non-preservative and rich in proteins. Cod skins for dogs is a snack that is gently air-dried to keep the taste and nutritional value. It is usually a one ingredient product and saves you from adding fillers. 

Keeping it simple, these are the best chewy or crunchy dried snacks that you’ll get your dog. 

Now, you must be wondering that fish skins are high in fat but worry not, cod or fish skins are low in fat and hence, a healthy snack!

What are the benefits of Cod/Fish Skins for Dogs? 

These chewy treats have varied benefits and are a wholesome product for your pup’s health. It is surely a must-have in your box of dog treats. 

  • Fish Skin and/or Cod Skin help your dog improve their dental hygiene, eyesight, heart, skin, and coat. 
  • A guilt and gluten-free source of protein
  • Low in fat
  • Easy to chew and good for teeth
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy heart
  • Great alternative for beef and chicken

As the name suggests, cod skin or fish skin are the skins of fish that are air-dried and made into treats for your little pups. Cod is the highly preferred fish, but as an alternative, Salmon or Pollock skins are made into treats as well. Generally, to turn into treats, the skins are left into strips, blocks, or they twist them up. 

To make it chewier and less crunchy, sometimes it is processed with rice powder. As per the dog parents and experts, these are the best possible dog treats. Also, having these treats are the best way to feed cod skins to your dog. If you prefer to give raw fish skin to your dog, we would suggest against it due to high-risk factors. 

What is Nutritional Value in Cod Skins for Dogs? 

We understand your concern for your pets, so we have mentioned a holistic nutritional value in cod skins. The skin has more or less 19 calories per piece.









Fatty Acid

Omega 3

How to feed Cod Skin for Dogs? 

Well, we know Cod skins are rich in proteins and your dogs love them but these are not a supplement to your dog’s full diet. 

  • The snack should be picked as per your dog’s size
  • It should be fed in moderation
  • The portion size should be supervised. 

The cod skin for dogs should be ideally fed within 30 days of opening. You can store it in a cool dark place and treat your dog whenever he is being a good boy. Isn’t that always? Aren’t they all such good boys or girls? 

Coming back to the topic at hand. For safe handling, we would recommend you thoroughly clean your utensils, hands, and food dishes after each feed. 

Is Cod Skin good for Puppies? 

As mentioned earlier, Cod skin or fish skin is a rich source of protein and can be a healthy snack for your growing buddy. Yet, it is advised that the majority of your pup’s diet should be balanced dog food. The skins should be moderately fed, supervised, and be kept as a treat and not supplement to their daily diet. 

After 12 weeks, your pups can have these delicious skins as part of their treats. 

Are there any disadvantages of Cod Skins for Dogs? 

There are no particular disadvantages of fish skins or cod skins if fed in moderation. They are highly safe for your dogs. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or he just ended up eating too much, it might result in an upset stomach.

Some of you might want to make the skins yourself or consider feeding raw skin, which can have plenty of disadvantages and we would not recommend it. There are a lot of parasites and bacterias in fish skins that are processed and removed while turning into a snack. Your dog is too precious and should only have skins sans the bacteria, tapeworms, and alike. 

If you still consider making the skins on your own, we would suggest you cook and dehydrate them before offering them to your dog. 

One disadvantage that fish skins might have is that they smell! And, that is bad for you because your dog would love it. So for the love of your dog, bear with it!

Alternatives to Cod Skin for Dogs

Even though fish skins would be a good pick but if you are still not convinced, we have some alternatives for you

  • Prawns
  • Chicken
  • Dental Chews
  • Baked Squid

All these come under animal protein and would also be a healthy addition to your dog’s diet. 

To concise, the whole thing, cod skins for dogs are extremely beneficial and should be added to your dog’s treats. It is high in proteins and helps in the overall development of your little friend. Having said that, it should be given in moderate quantities and should be fed under supervision. 

Please consult your vet and do not substitute fish skins as your pet’s diet. They should get a wholesome, yet balanced, diet to help them be the best pals there could be!

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