Benebone Puppy Pack Dog Chew Toys, Made in USA
Benebone Puppy Pack Dog Chew Toys, Made in USA

Benebone Puppy Pack Dog Chew Toys, Made in USA

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Benebone Puppy Pack Dog Chew Toys, Made in USA
Size Puppy Size, For Dogs Under 15-lbs
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At Benebone, we’ve been making dogs happy for years with our durable chews made with real flavor, right here in the USA. We got to thinking…why can’t puppies get in on the fun? So we formulated a tantalizing durable chew with just a tad more give for your teething pup. Once your new puppy takes a chew of our USA-made chews, he’ll be a part of the Benebone family for life.

Instructions for Use and Safety Information:
At Benebone, we’re in the business of making dogs happy, and there’s nothing more important than the safety of your dog. It’s durable nylon, so let’s get the obvious out of the way. Is it hard? Yes. Is it edible? No. Will it last forever? Definitely not. For more details, check out our packaging and our website. We use real flavors, including peanuts. Ensure nobody in the household is allergic to any of our tantalizing ingredients.

While recognizing that weight limit is a rough guide, our tiny-sized puppy products are for puppies under 15 pounds. Always choose the largest size your dog can handle. Remember this product is intended for small sized puppies only and not for aggressive chewers

Product Benefits:

  • Just a Wee Bit Softer for Your Teething Pup – Just because you’re a puppy doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the Benebone fun. We designed these cute little chew toys with the same great flavor and quality, with just a teeny bit of softness for your teething pup. Since puppys weren’t born with thumbs, our curved Wishbone and Dental Chew always give your new pup the perfect opportunity for a good grip.
  • Even Puppies Know Real Flavor – We use only 100% real food ingredients for irresistible flavor and scent. We fuse 100% USA-sourced REAL BACON all the way through the chew. Dogs can tell the difference.
  • Made in the USA – We are fully committed to Made in USA, including packaging, tooling, and all material and ingredient sourcing. We proudly manufacture our products in New York.
  • Dog Welfare – We are fully committed to helping dogs in need through product donations and community involvement
  • Safety First – Benebones are not edible. Supervise closely and discard/replace when appropriate. Even though the product has very small holes, ensure they don’t fit on your dog’s jaw.

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