Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets
Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets

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Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets
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Bach Rescue Remedy for Homeopathic Calming For Dogs, Cats, Horses & More.

Many pets struggle with separation anxiety and unneeded stress. Bach Rescue Remedy is formulated to reduce anxiety and promote calming. It is easy to use, just add to a treat or drinking water to see benefits. This product can help calm pets that have a fear of thunder, fireworks or other loud noises along with separation anxiety, car rides, trips to the vet or groomer and many other things that cause stress in pets. This remedy is Alcohol Free and all natural!

Product Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Features Flower Remedies
  • All Natural & Effective Calming
  • Alcohol Free Formula
  • Veterinarian Recommended

Directions: Place 4 Drops on a treat and offer to your pet. Alternatively, add 4 drops to drinking water. Repeat as required.

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