Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Protocol, 3 Product Set
Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Protocol, 3 Product Set

Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Protocol, 3 Product Set

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Size Featuring Yeasty Beast I, Yeasty Beast II, & Liver Tonic
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This complete protocol is an intelligent way to help get rid of dog yeast without dangerous yeast die-off. It’s a safe and effective program of gentle herbs and homeopathic remedies. This protocol features Yeasty Beast I, Yeasty Beast II, and Liver Tonic.

Liver Tonic Helps regenerate healthy liver cells and boosts the organ’s ability to filter toxins from the blood. Aids in proper function of histamine (associated with allergies, chronic inflammation), protein synthesis and biochemical production for digestion

Yeasty Beast I is a homeopathic combination of Sulphur, Berberis, Nux Vomica, Echinacea, and Graphites prepared in a 13% alcohol base. This combination is specifically designed to target the skin. Yeasty Beast I is intended to help with itch, detoxification, and toxin removal. This combination of ingredients may also be beneficial for supporting overall immune health.

Yeasty Beast II is an herbal combination of Enzyme Probiotic Blend, Pau d’arco, and Caprylic Acid. This formula was methodically designed to target yeast while avoiding an intense Herxheimer reaction (toxic yeast die-off), which can look like the yeast is getting worse.

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