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ZiwiPeak Daily-Dog Cuisine Lamb Real Meat Air-Dried Dog Food, 11-lb Bag
ZiwiPeak Daily-Dog Cuisine Lamb Real Meat Air-Dried Dog Food, 11-lb Bag

ZiwiPeak Daily-Dog Cuisine Lamb Real Meat Air-Dried Dog Food, 11-lb Bag

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ZiwiPeak Daily-Dog Cuisine Lamb Real Meat Air-Dried Dog Food

We have not found a dog that does not enjoy the taste of lamb. Ziwi Peak uses a gentle air-dry process which removes moisture, but retains the nutritional integrity. This means that your furry friends can enjoy the benefits of raw in a easy to use food that does not require freezing or thawing. The Lamb recipe features both meat & organs along with Green-Lipped Mussel and Fish Oil to provide a source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Product Benefits:

  • Made & Sourced in New Zealand
  • Features Green-Lipped Mussel
  • Lamb is free-range and grass-fed on traceable, approved New Zealand farms.
  • Helps support digestion, increases energy, and helps aid in recovery from injury or sickness.
  • Very convenient! No need to thaw or rehydrate.
  • 100% free of added hormones, fillers, grains, rice, potatoes, antibiotics, and GMO's.

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Size: 11-lb Bag
5 Stars
Top of the line food!
I have known about this food for years, but avoided using it due to cost. I tried for years to find something the same or better for less money, but nothing can compare to their formulas! Raw is superior nutrition, but tricky and inconvenient to master for the average owner. There are some frozen/dehydrated raw diets available that have great formulas, but they are not as convenient (at least for me), and we are reliant on them having been handled and stored appropriately prior to us purchasing it. So I finally bit the bullet, and decided to do a trial of this food for some of our dogs. What a difference already! My picky eaters are no longer picky, my dogs who had always had soft stools have firmed up and their stool frequency decreased. The skin and coats of the ZiwiPeak fed dogs has improved in just 2 weeks and their energy levels and overall demeanors have become more lively and alert. Our dogs have always been fed a high quality food, and we have never gone cheap so we were shocked at the dramatic improvement! We will save money on some things feeding this diet, such as; no longer needing to give the daily vitamin supplement and the need for less Glyco-Flex for our aging dogs. It is also higher in calories than our previous foods, and we will ultimately be feeding 15-20% less volume per dog per day. I know what to look for in a diet, as I follow the advise of Dr. Becker from Mercola healthy pets online, and have been a Veterinary Technician for 20 years. This diet is unique from not her foods for 2 major reasons: They use the whole animals including the organs and bone of the same animal. Not unidentified animal sources. You know exactly what liver or heart is in your pet's food because it says "beef liver" for example vs. "Liver". Second is that it is shelf stable raw-no need to freeze, or rehydrate! It is great as training treats too! My only negative feedback is how unrealistic the cost of this food is. I am barely able to manage feeding ZiwiPeak, and it would be so much cheaper not to! However, I want to do the best by my dogs and for them to live as long and as comfortably as possible. Not every pet owner is willing or able to spend $11-$15 a pound for this food, especially owners of large breeds. Please lower your prices ZiwiPeak, that is my only negative comment. Thank you for a wonderful food!
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Reviewed by:  from California. on 11/8/2014