Winter can be a boring and lonely time for dogs. Don’t let it get boring, there are plenty of fun activities to do during the long cold winter months. Dogs love time spent doing new activities. If your dog has arthritis, wither is usually a more difficult time of year. Spending it active will help keep joint in good condition.

Below are fun things to do during the winter with your dog.

1.       Going for a hike. Dogs enjoy walking with you. It is a easy activity that provides a good workout and some one on one time with your dog.

2.       Swimming. I know it is winter, but there are indoor dog swimming pools around most populated areas. Just look up where your closest one is. It is great exercise and will keep them ready for the summer months at the lake or pool.

3.       Dog Fun Day. Get your friends with dogs to come over for a dog play date. Just as we do this for our own children, it is also good to do with our dogs. Dogs enjoy playing with other dogs.

4.       Walking in the snow. Dogs have fun in the snow. Pawz Rubber Boots make playing in the snow more enjoyable for dogs. It keeps the snow out from between their paw pads. 

Be aware of hazards in the winter also. Antifreeze is something to keep your eye out for. It is attracting to dogs to drink. Make sure you keep your dog in sight and make sure they do not drink anything off the ground where cars park or drive.

As you can see, winter is a great time for activities for both you and your dog. It is a great season for bonding with your dog also. Many people use wither months to snuggle and enjoy the time together in the warmth of home.