Reasons To Feed Single-Ingredient Treats

Dog Eating Single Ingredient Treat

At, we believe that an ingredient panel should contain the least amount of items possible. With single ingredient pet treats, you don't have to worry about fillers, additives or other harmful items being added to your pups snack. Products made with one ingredient typically feature whole foods such as meats, fruits for vegetables and you can find them freeze-dried, dehydrated, frozen or baked.

Because Pets Struggle with Food Allergies

Just like us, our four-legged companions can struggle with food allergies. Often, it can be difficult to figure out what is causing allergy symptoms, but many pet parents have found that diet can be the culprit in many situations. We search long and hard to find the highest quality products for your pets. This involves checking what ingredients are used and where the products are made. If your dog or cat is showing sensitivities to certain foods or treats, try to switch the protein source. Fresh is Best produces a variety of single-ingredient pet treats that are raised, grown and made in the USA. If you want to feed the highest quality single ingredient pet treats we have found, give Fresh is Best Pet Treats.

Easy to Avoid Additives, Fillers, and Preservatives

When we are walking down the grocery store aisles, my wife and I are constantly searching the backs of packages to make sure the products we purchase do not have anything artificial. The same goes for pet treats, we want to feed pets the same goodness that we desire for ourselves. (Often times the pets eat better than us) We love the fact that single ingredient dog and cat treats don't have anything added. For instance, when you open a bag of Bellyrubs Country Style Chicken Strips Dog Treats, the only ingredient is USA sourced chicken breast. No added corn, wheat, soy, sugars, salt, by-products or anything else. Just 100% Chicken. The simple fact is that you can oftentimes provide better nutrition during snack-time by feeding single-ingredient products.

Wide Variety of Protein Sources and Other Options

Just walking down the rows of any store will prove that we all love variety, and I don't think that our pets are any different. We have found that both dogs and cats are naturally inclined to love meat. Which is probably why there is no shortage of options with single-ingredient snacks. There are many protein choices including chicken, duck, sweet potato, lamb, beef, kangaroo, ostrich, bison, turkey and more. Not only can you find many protein options, but also several options in the methods they are prepared and packaged. Some brands choose to freeze-dry to provide optimum nutrient retention. Others will roast or bake for a crunchy texture pets love. No matter what type is chosen, you can rest assured that these snacks do not have any unnecessary ingredients.

Optimum Nutrient Retention

We all know that healthy diets are necessary to support overall health. The key to providing optimum nutrients in a food or snack is in the choice of ingredients and the method it is prepared. A benefit of single-ingredient treats is how they are often prepared. We found that most are either freeze-dried or dehydrated at low temperatures. This helps ensure that the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are available for your pet to absorb. We have found that Fresh is Best Duck Breast Tenders is a healthy, nutrient-rich snack in an alternative protein source.