Huck Ball Dog Toys
Huck Ball Dog Toys

Huck Ball Dog Toys

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Huck Ball Dog Toys

A new twist on an old favorite! Made from West Paw's extremely durable, one-of-a-kind material, Zogoflex, Huck will keep your dog jumping…literally! With its hefty weight and grooved shape this incredible ball will bounce in all directions, giving your dog added exercise, and a good mental workout, to boot. Fling it across the field, bounce it on the ground, or toss it in the water (it floats!) – The Huck dog toy balls can handle anything your dog dishes out. Complete with a full, one time replacement guarantee to stand up against doggy destruction. Choose from three bright, fun colors. Made in Montana, USA.

It is awesome that West Paw Design makes such tough dog toy balls that are 100% recyclable! You will never have to throw this toy away, just recycle it.

You will laugh watching your dog chase these ball dog toys. They will bounce all over the place, and so will your dog! Great way to have a good laugh while the dog gets a workout.

Sizes: Small 2.6 in.&lbr / Large 3.25 in.

Guarantee Instructions:

To return or exchange a West Paw Design Zogoflex toy, Please mail the toy to West Paw Design with a note saying what type and size of dog you have. Please let them know if you want a exchange or refund. If you want a refund, please enclose a copy of your invoice. There is a one time replacement per type of Zogoflex toy.

Send Returns to:

West Paw Design&lbr / 32050 E. Frontage Rd&lbr / Bozeman, MT 59715

Made in the USA

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