TropiClean Freshening Papaya Mist Deodorizing Pet Spray, 8-oz Bottle

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Size 8-oz Bottle
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TropiClean Papaya Mist Cologne Spray for Dogs & Cats

Naturally keep your pets smelling fresh between baths with Tropiclean Papaya Mist Spray. With moisturizing papaya and kiwi, it helps provide extra freshness after bathing or between baths. It works to help condition the coat which will also reduce static and provide a long lasting natural scent. Tropiclean is made with all natural ingredients that freshen pets in a safe and effective way. TropiClean Products are made in the USA!

Product Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe for Dogs & Cats
  • Long Lasting Natural Scent
  • Helps Break Down Odors
  • Featuring 70% Organic Ingredients

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