The Importance of Walking Your Dog

The Importance of Walking Your Dog

If you want a simple and easy way to spoil your pup, get outside and take a walk together. It's natural for dogs to love the fresh air, exercise, and freedom of being out exploring with his owner. In this blog post, we will cover several reasons to pick up the leash and get outdoors.

It Supports Good Physical Health (For Both of You)

Taking your furry friend out for a walk may seem like too simple of a task for improving their overall health. The truth is that not only is it beneficial for your dog's health, but also yours. Being active can help dogs and humans alike in maintaining a healthy weight. If your dog is left indoors all day, it is even more important to provide extra exercise by taking a walk for playing active games such as fetch or tug of war. Many pet owners tell me that since their dog is in a fenced-in backyard, that should provide enough freedom and exercise. We disagree. A fenced-in yard can give space for your dog to explore, but the typical yard does not have enough things to stimulate your dog to run and get exercise...except for chasing the squirrels or chipmunks.

Helps Socialize Your Pup

Getting out on the public walkways and around different circumstances will provide excellent opportunities for your dog to branch out in social development. There will be people and other animals that your dog will come across, which gives you the chance to train them on how to properly handle such situations. Your dog can then learn how to not be scared or anxious when meeting new animals or people. Once proper social skills are learned, walks can be an enjoyable social time, as walking your furry friend often strikes up conversations with people along the way. This can benefit communities, as people are more likely to approach and talk with people walking a dog.

Good for Mental Health

Getting outdoors beyond the yard provides many chances for your pup to smell, see and hear new things. Dogs are also physically active creatures and need an outlet to release all their stored up energy. This can help your dog not be hyper at home and let you enjoy a quiet evening together. Leashed pets are often not allowed or given the opportunities to investigate new scents and sights. We recommend giving your pet the chance to enjoy and explore the surroundings to stimulate mental health. As the physical health benefits both you and your pet, also the mental health benefits can help you too. Walking your dog can help naturally reduce stress and calm the nerves.

Provides Excellent Bonding Time

We have found that walking together with your furry friend creates a lasting emotional bond. Just saying the word "Walk" in many homes is enough to get the tails wagging at the front door. This is a favorite part of the day for our dogs, and they love to do it with you. It's important to take in the beautiful scenery, noises, and scents together. As you are strolling the sidewalks, speak to your dog and let them know how happy you are that they are walking with you. They naturally want to know that their master is pleased with them, and this simple action can greatly improve your bond. provides high-quality accessories for walking dogs. Wigzi Leashes, Harnesses, and Collars are made using durable materials and make walking your dog a breeze. Many of their products are weatherproof, which means they repel rain, snow, and water to allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year long. They also add a reflective strip to make your pup more visible for safety.