As Dogs age, their needs change as well. An older dog will get around slower and many will struggle with arthritis and digestive issues. One of the best things you can do for your senior dog is keeping them active.

Just like us humans, an active dog is a healthy dog. If your dog has a stagnant lifestyle, aging will speed up and their basic life functions will slow down. The best way to keep your dog active is to walk. Once a day, take your dog out for a stroll around the neighborhood. This gives bonding time, exercise and mental stimulation. It seems that Arthritis is the main problem keeping dogs active.  If your dog does not want to move because of joint pain, a dog joint supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs will help rebuild cartilage and smooth out the joints. It will take a little time for the effects to show, but be patient, you will see results within a few weeks.

Keeping senior dogs at a healthy weight is another important solution to keep healthy joints. The more they weigh, the more strain is placed on their joints and bones. Sometimes all that is needed to help senior dogs get around is some weight loss and a healthy diet. Older dogs do not have the metabolism they had in previous years. You will most likely need to feed less food, but the amount varies per dog, so get advice from a vet about the amount that is right for your dog.

That brings us to the diet section of this post. Diet is key in keeping a dog healthy. Make sure your dog’s  food has whole ingredients that give good nutritional value.  Look for foods that have good whole ingredients that will provide quality vitamins and minerals. Providing aging dogs with foods or supplements that give vitamins E, A, and C will help slow the aging process and keep them healthy. Watch for any changes your dog may have, and keep the vet posted on changes. The best way to solve a problem is catching it early.

A yearly visit to the vet with a healthy dog will help the veterinarian know your dog better and may see changes that you cannot catch. Showing love and affection is one of the best ways to care for your senior dog, so show some love this summer and enjoy the precious time with your dog.