We wanted to take some time to talk about Plato Dog Treats. Plato makes high quality dog treats that are made with quality ingredients. Dogs love their Farmers Market snacks because they full of meat along with vegetables. Plato Dog Treats are made in the USA. Each batch is made in California and is made in accordance to Plato’s stringent quality standards.

    Plato Dog Treats

Plato manufacturers several types of dog treats. They have the Original Smart Dog Treat  Strips, the Thinkers, and Farmers Market. The most popular treat they produce is the Organic Chicken Strips. These treats are made with over 90% Organic Chicken. Each treat is naturally preserved and features antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The Strips come in Salmon, Duck, or Organic Chicken.

Plato Thinkers are meat stick style treats that feature natural ginkgo biloba which is known to preserve and boost brain function. Thinkers are natural treats that are fortified with vitamins E and C. They also have DHA which is great for brain function support. The Thinkers come in Salmon, Duck, or Chicken.

Our Favorite treats that Plato manufacturers is the Farmers Market products. These treats are Grain Free and contain Vegetables and other healthy ingredients. You can choose from Chicken and Vegetables, Salmon and Vegetables, or go the simple route and pick the Sweet Potato Chews. All the Farmers Market items contain Probiotics to help produce a healthy intestinal tract.

 If you want to try something new and exciting for your dog, Plato Dog Treats are the way to go. You cannot go wrong with their nice selection of natural treats.