New Years Resolutions for Dog Owners

2015 is quickly approaching, and many of us will be committing to New Years Resolutions. These Resolutions are typically made after we analyze of life during the current year, and plan how we can improve in the next. As you plan what changes are needed in your life, don't forget your dogs and cats.

A majority of the resolutions are based on diet, exercise and losing weight...most likely because we overeat during the holiday seasons. Just as our bodies require a good diet and exercise to thrive, our pets have the same needs. Below is a list featuring 5 examples of New Years Resolutions that pet owners can utilize.

  1. Healthy Diet: Dogs & Cats both thrive on a natural diet. Foods types such as raw, freeze-dried & dehydrated provide a diet that is not subjected to high temperatures that decrease the nutrient content. Many of these foods contain meat, organs, and bones which is what dogs & cats would eat in the wild. Feeding a natural diet can help provide a better quality of life for your pet.

  2. Daily Exercise: Walking, Running or whatever other activity you do with your pets will not only help provide health benefits, but will also be a great bonding time. A daily walk is typically the easiest method of exercise, plus it is beneficial for both you & your dog to stay fit.

  3. Good Dental Health: Good dental hygiene is essential to provide good overall health. Many dogs have periodontal disease and tooth pain that sometimes can be prevented with a dental cleaning. This year, we recommend that you start brushing and providing dental chews such as bully sticks or antlers that can help scrape plaque and tarter off the teeth during chewing sessions.

  4. Natural Treats: Rewarding Fido can be a wonderful way to show love, but it is best to provide natural treats. We recommend treats that have limited ingredients, meat based, grain-free & sourced in the USA.

  5. More Snuggling & Love: Last, but not least is providing more love! Remember to take time out of your busy schedule to provide snuggling time & play time which is beneficial to improve the bond between you and your pet.

We hope you have a fun, safe & enjoyable New Years with humans & pets! is a leading retailer of pet supplies which include dog treats, vitamins & supplements, toys, freeze-dried food, grooming products & more.