As warmer weather will be approaching much of the United States, your dog will most likely be ready to get outside and play! Many pet owners will want to provide high quality toys for their furry friends which can help keep them happy, occupied and out of trouble. At we have been researching to find several new brands of toys that are proudly made in the USA. They are of the highest quality and can help satisfy your pups playtime desires. These brands include CycleDog, American Dog, Pet Qwerks, USA-K9, Goughnuts, West Paw, One Leg Up and Wooney Dog. Below we will introduce each brand and some of the toys they offer.

Cycle Dog Products

Cycle Dog USA Toys

Cycle Dog has been in the business of producing high quality pet products since 2009. They craft Made in the USA Dog Toys featuring recycled materials. They focus on the environment and utilize eco-friendly materials to save waste from landfills. Buying toys that are made in the USA helps support our economy.

American Dog Products

American Dog Toys

Since 2014, American Dog has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing 100% USA-made dog toys. They have a variety of options that range from tugging, squeaking and fetch toys. Many of their products feature durable Ballistic Cordura material, while other are made with soft silk fabric. We believe that American products are safer for your pet and helps support our economy.

One Leg Up Dog Toys

One Leg Up Dog Toys

When we were searching for USA Made Dog Toys, One Leg Up stood out to us. They have bright, catchy colors and use natural rubber for their toys. We love that each toy is proudly made is our home state of Pennsylvania. In order to help save a local manufacturing plant, the founders and staff of One Leg Up left corporate gigs for jobs in the rubber and pet industry.

Wooney Dog Toys

Wooney USA Dog Toys

Wooney Dog Toys are made in Maine, USA using recycled, high quality, FDA material. They offer bones and balls that are brightly colored and highly durable. The Maylee Mayhem Ball is designed with flat surfaces around the outside to produce an erratic bounce. The Wooney Bone is durable and can even be stuffed with peanut butter for added fun.

Pet Qwerks Dog Toys

Pet Qwerks USA Dog Toys

Pet Qwerks introduced their first toy in 2003, and now produce many different styles of toys which include plush, rubber and now an exceptional line of Made in USA, Flavorit dog chews. Among all their toys, the Nylon USA products really stand out. These USA Nylon Toys are formed to look like real sticks, antlers, bones, and ears that your dogs have an instinct to chew. Pet Qwerks uses FDA-compliant nylon to provide excellent durability and long-lasting chewing fun. Non-Edible toys can help support good oral hygiene my gently massaging gums and scraping plaque and tartar off the teeth during play sessions. Each toy is infused with flavoring that will entice your pet to play longer and harder.

USA-K9 Dog Toys

USA K9 Dog Toys

USA K9 is made by SodaPup and is dedicated to producing military themed toys including a grenade, cherry bomb, and even shotgun shells. You can count on USA K9 to produce durable, long lasting toys which are made using Puppy-prene. This is a natural rubber sourced from rubber trees, not petroleum products. Each toy can be used for several types of play, including chewing, tossing, and even interactive treat stuffing fun. The toys have a hollow center that can be filled with your pups’ favorite treat. With ridges and grooves, these toys may even help clean teeth during play. An added benefit of purchasing USA K9, is that they donate a portion of profits to dog related charities that serve veterans.

Goughnuts Dog Toys

Goughnuts USA Dog Toys

We often get the question…” What is the most durable dog toy available?”. Our answer typically directs customers to Goughnuts. This line of toys is proudly made in the USA and is the most durable we have found. They produce toys for chewing, fetch, and interactive fun.

West Paw Dog Toys

West Paw USA Dog Toys

West Paw is an experienced player in the USA Dog Toy market. They have been handcrafting pet products in Bozeman, Montana since 1996. They continually incorporate sustainable practices in manufacturing and thoughtfully design toys to provide lasting fun your pup will love.