All dogs crave bully sticks. Barkworthies Bully Sticks are the best we have found. They come in a variety of sizes and styles.  They also sell other snacks such as bones, ears, antlers & more. Whatever product your choose…you can be sure it is good quality if it is Barkworthies.

Our customer’s favorite product is the odor free bully sticks. Many dogs chew indoors, and some chews just stink. The odor free bully sticks are made to not smell like regular bully sticks. Great for indoor chewing sessions!

The majority of our bully sticks are from Grass Fed and Free Range Cattle. We find this important because of the health benefits included from that kind of cows. They are typically healthier from eating a natural diet. Cows do much better when they have land to roam.

American Bully Sticks are more in demand than ever! With all the recalls of other types of treats from other countries, it doesn’t surprise me the people want American products. The USA has good quality control and is not typically the country of origin when it comes to recalls.

Some dogs can chew through regular chew treats quickly.  Maybe Thick Bully Sticks is what your dog needs. These chews are thicker than regular bullys, which mean they will last longer. They are great for larger dogs, or the small dog that is an aggressive chewer.

Dog chews are a natural and easy way to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.  The gnawing action during chewing gently removes plaque and tarter from the teeth. It is not the only way dogs teeth should be cleaned, but one of many different ways. is a leading pet supply online store. They carry a variety of items including Dog Treats, Toys, Dog Vitamins, Supplements, & More!