When someone told me about giving kelp to dogs, I did not think much of it. That was until we started to read and learn of the health benefits that it can bring.

What is Kelp?  Kelp is a seaweed that is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Scientists say it has more nutrition than any other sea vegetables. It is tall and grows vertical toward the sunlight. Many people say it resembles a tree or tall weed.

What are the Benefits? 

Skin and Coat Health: Studies have shown that dogs fed kelp have healthy skin and a thicker more beautiful coat. It helps keep their skin moisturized and assimilate its amino acids.

Immune Health: Kelp contains over 60 minerals and trace elements, simple and complex carbohydrates, 21 amino acids and several essential plant growth hormones. In other words, this plant is packed with nutrition that will help you dogs overall health and wellbeing.

Weight Control: If your dog is overweight, kelp may be able to help. Kelp has Iodine, which will help increase metabolism by stimulating the thyroid gland. The better metabolism your dog has, the easier it is to lose weight.

What Kelp Supplements For Dogs Do You Recommend?

PetKelp: PetKelp is a great supplement that uses kelp from the coast of Nova Scotia. The water is cleaner off the coast of Nova Scotia than the waters of our west coast. The cool clean waters provide a great living environment for kelp to thrive. PetKelp Dog Supplements has different powder formulas made with kelp. Their formulas are Joint and Bone, Skin and Coat, and Wellness. Each formula has kelp along with different nutrients such as blueberries, glucosamine, or flax.

NaturVet: Kelp Help is NaturVets  Kelp Supplement for Dogs. It uses high quality Dried Norwegian Kelp. This product is made to assist digestion and coat health. They take kelp and add Omega 3 , 6 and 9 Fatty Acids which will provide overall better health and a more beautiful coat.