New to is In Clover Dog & Cat Supplements. The products produced by In Clover are top quality and are made to make your pet’s quality of life better.

Connectin is a joint supplement that utilizes Glucosamine HCl & Mucopolysaccharides along with 9 herbs to provide healing and rebuilding of joints. Natural methods such as this are safe and effective. They not only reduce inflammation, but also lubricate joints and assist in growing cartilage. In Clover Connectin for dogs comes in powder and tablets. Connectin for cats is a soft chew.

OptaGest is a digestive supplement that features 4 plant enzymes. Plant enzymes assist absorption of nutrients and proper digestion. In Clover OptaGest. contains No inactive ingredients. No Fillers, NO inactive ingredients such as Fillers, Sugars or Preservatives.  The powder supplement is easy to feed to dogs & Cats.

In Clover cares for the environment. They are powered by 100% wind power and reuses packing material, boxes, pallets, and uses eco-friendly cleaning products.  All their products are made in the USA and they pass tough inspections so that they can have the National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal.