HomeoPet Leaks No More for Dogs and Cats
HomeoPet Leaks No More for Dogs and Cats

HomeoPet Leaks No More for Dogs and Cats

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HomeoPet Leaks No More Urinary Dog & Cat Remedy

Urinary incontinence is not a fun issue for pets and humans. It can cause a mess in the home and can even irritate your pets genitals to the point that it causes excessive licking. Many pets struggle is leaky bladders, but it is more common with senior pets, puppies, or spayed females/neutered males. This homeopathic remedy is formulated with natural ingredients which help reduce incontinence. HomeoPet remedies are Made in the USA under a FDA registered process & has no known side effects.

Product Benefits:

  • Natural Solution for Dog & Cat Incontinence
  • Made in USA
  • Effective & Safe
  • Homeopathic Remedy for Dogs & Cats

Under 20 lbs/10 kg, 5 drops 3 times daily
21-60 lbs/ 10-30 kg, 10 drops 3 times daily
61-100 lbs/ 30-45 kg, 15 drops 3 times daily
over 100 lbs/45 kg, 20 drops 3 times daily
Pets Under 1 lb: 2 drops in the drinking water 3 times daily.

Remedy may be given directly in mouth, on food/treat or in water.

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