Harrison's Bird Bread Mix - Original Recipe
Harrison's Bird Bread Mix - Original Recipe

Harrison's Bird Bread Mix - Original Recipe

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Harrison's Bird Bread is a nutritious snack that your feathered friend will love. This Original recipe features the finest Certified Organic ,Non-GMO Verified ingredients and provides a "Bake at Home" Bird Bread Mix that can be baked into small muffins for added delight. This all natural snack can even be hidden so your bird can uses it as a foraging reward. Harrison's Bird Foods are crafted using the finest certified organic ingredients and are developed by avian veterinarians, leading aviculturists and top avian nutritionists. This food is Non-GMO verified, wheat-free and loaded with nutrition.

Product Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Certified organic and non-GMO verified
  • Provides a healthy alternative for bird owners who choose to prepare their own bird food or those who give regular treats to their birds
  • Can be offered instead of table food to birds that like to eat at family mealtimes
  • Can be used to assist in converting birds to a formulated diet
  • Can be hidden as a foraging reward
  • Can be used as a vehicle for administering liquid medications
  • Provides an easy-to-use transition for hospitalized or boarding birds until acceptance of the appropriate formulated diet
  • Can be moistened and offered to birds that are feeding chicks as a soft food
  • Can be used as a weaning food to transition to a formulated diet

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