Good Chewing Habits for Dogs

Good Chewing Habits for Dogs.

Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs, it starts at a young age when teeth start coming in. Puppies typically chew because it is helps soothe the pain of teeth coming through the gums. Adult dogs chew for a variety of reasons which can include separation anxiety, boredom or even because it is just an enjoyable thing to do. It is important to instill good chewing habits at a young age, which can help prevent your furry friends from thinking that furniture, shoes or other objects in the home are for their chewing enjoyment.

A good method in starting to promoting healthy chewing behavior is to provide wholesome treats and toys that are designed for that purpose. We have found that most bully sticks and rubber toys are of high quality and provide long lasting chewing sessions most dogs thoroughly enjoy. Many pet owners scold their dogs for chewing inappropriate objects, but we have found that redirecting them to an appropriate object is much more effective. When you see your dog chewing on a toy or treat that you approve of, we recommend praising and rewarding this behavior

Here at, we have knowledge in chewing habits and what is appropriate for different breeds and sizes of dogs. We carry a variety of Bully Sticks and durable toys that can be used to promote good chewing habits.