Dr. Harvey's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Dog Supplement
Dr Harveys Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Dog Supplement

Dr. Harvey's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Dog Supplement

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Dr. Harvey's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Dog Supplement
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Dr Harvey's Multi Vitamin and Herbal Supplement for Dogs

This Multi Vitamin for Dogs is a great way to boost your dogs wellness. It Features nutrient rich Superfoods such as Bee Pollen and Spirulina. Vitamins For Dogs such as this help canines overall health! It is made with whole foods...this assists it in being absorbed efficiently. Dr Harvey's uses NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS which cannot be efficiently absorbed. Bee Pollen is packed with antioxidants along with vitamins & minerals. It also has live enzyme activity to boost health. We are proud to carry whole food supplements. This product contains NO Dyes, Synthetic Ingredients, Preservatives, Salt, Sugar, Wheat or Corn.

Product Benefits:

  • Whole Food Supplement
  • Boosts Overall Health
  • Features Bee Pollen & Spirulina
  • Made in the USA!

Mix With Food Based On Weight Of Dog. Container Holds Approx 88 Scoops
2 - 20 lbs......1 Scoop
21 - 50 lbs......2 Scoops
51 - 95 lbs......3 Scoops
96 - 150 lbs......4 Scoops

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