Dogzymes Ultimate Vitamin, Mineral & Omega Blend Dog Supplement, 2-lb
Dogzymes Ultimate Vitamin, Mineral & Omega Blend Dog Supplement, 2-lb

Dogzymes Ultimate Vitamin, Mineral & Omega Blend Dog Supplement, 2-lb

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Dogzymes Ultimate is a powerful Vitamin/Mineral/Omega blend for dogs. It's all natural, packed with nutrition and is an excellent choice for skin, coat, color and allergies. Each scoop feature organic coconut and will help put a beautiful shine on your dogs coat. Ultimate is rich in vitamins, minerals and Omegas which are delivered with no preservatives. Many foods are lacking the essential vitamins and minerals your pets need, and you can use this product to balance the meals. Dogzymes uses fish free, contaminant free and sustainable algal oil as an Omega source. This is the very algae that provide fish with the desired Omega 3 that supplies health benefits that our dogs need. This supplement is excellent for for heart, skin and coat, allergies, itching, eyes, brain, joints and more.

Product Benefits:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Contains every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, Omega 3-6-9, needed by dogs on a daily basis with an organic coconut, parmesan cheese and algal oil base
  • Formulated to be the most outstanding skin and coat supplement available
  • Sustainable algal oil, the same used in human baby food, for safe Omegas instead of fish oil and fish products
  • Organic coconut supports the immune system and is an excellent source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids and Omegas
  • Balanced, sensible, reliable to fortify any diet type: homemade, raw or kibble

Suggested Usage: For daily supplementation of Canine diets, stir into food or feed directly.


5 pounds of body weight = 1/8 teaspoon daily
15 pounds of body weight = 1/2 teaspoon daily
30 pounds of body weight = 1 teaspoon daily
Over 30 pounds = 1 teaspoon daily for each 30 pounds with a maximum of 6 teaspoons daily

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