This summer is closing in quickly. Time to head to the beach, lake, pools and streams. Dogs love to swim. It is great exercise and it is fun.  Jumping into cool water on a hot summer day sounds just as good to dogs as it does us.

Dog Life Jackets are one measure you can take to protect your dog during swimming.  Dogs get tired like we do. The last thing we want is for our dogs to not make it back to shore or get swept away with a current they cannot fight. A good life jacket will assist in keeping your dog’s head above the water in many situations.

I recommend Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Jackets for Dogs.  They are durable and float well. Each one has metal d-rings for leash connections and handles to help control dogs if needed. The Surf N Turf Jacket is unique because the floatation part can be removed when dogs are not in the water. It transforms into a waterproof coat when you remove the floatation section.

As for the fun part of swimming with dogs, Floating Dog Toys are great for your dogs who are ready to jump into the water. Air Dog Kong Products like the Fetch Stick with Rope are great for fetch. They float and are bright in color. The toys with ropes make it easier for you to throw further and make it easier for dogs to retrieve.

The Kong Wet Wubba is another floating dog toy that we recommend. It is made with two rubber balls covered with neoprene. The Wubba has fabric that hangs off the end to make it fun to tug and easy to retrieve.

Whatever you do this summer, we hope that it is enjoyable and that you, your family and pets have quality time together. Play Safe and Have Fun! is a leading retailer of dog, cat, and horse / equine supplies. We have a wide selection of toys, treats, vitamins and supplements and more!