Pets are part of the family...and we should feed them accordingly. Natural Pet Warehouse is proud to carry many products for pets that are made with high quality human grade ingredients. In this article we are going to highlight some brands that use USA sourced Human Grade ingredients in their dog food & treats.

Primal Pet Foods is known for their frozen and freeze dried dog & cat foods. They also manufacturer quite a few meat based treats. Every product that Primal produces is made with top quality human grade meats along with certified organic fruits & vegetables. They use a variety of meats such as turkey, duck, lamb, salmon, beef & chicken.

Tuckers provides chicken jerky treats for dogs that are made with Human Quality ingredients. They have 4 different varieties to choose from. Klassic Kellies (Standard Chicken Jerky), Slammin Sammys (Chicken & Banana), Mighty Max (Chicken & Bacon) and Wild Wyatt (Chicken & Apple). The chicken used is sourced in the USA or Canada & each piece is individually wrapped for freshness.

Sojourner Farms (Sojos) manufacturers dog & cat food in the USA with human grade ingredients. They understand that high quality food provides pets with a better quality of life. The result of this vision is a great variety of foods you can trust that are high in nutritional value. Sojos uses freeze dried meats such as turkey or beef & they also have a meat free pre-mix that allow you to add whatever proteins you wish.

There are many more brands that use high quality human grade ingredients. This is just a sampling of our favorites. Do your homework and know what you are feeding your furry loved ones. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about what is in our products or where they are sourced/made.