It is a crisp spring evening in York Pennsylvania. The trees are green and life is coming back to the land. This evening, we were at my brother and sister-in-law’s home to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. While we were there, my 15 month old son Caleb was enjoying their Labrador Retriever named Sadie. Sadie is a wonderfully tempered sweet dog. She does well with children and adults.

Caleb is my youngest son. He is full of life and loves to laugh. He has a rare chromosome disorder that makes him slower to learn. We are not sure if he will ever crawl or even talk, but we love him for who he is; a Precious and Wonderful Gift from God!

 It amazes me how much it brightens his day when he sees a dog. He starts shaking, laughing, and just enjoying. Each time I see him with a dog, I am reminded of what a gift they are to all children, but especially to Caleb. It brought much laughter and smiles to all of our faces this evening to see him with Sadie.

Evenings like this remind me of how blessed we are to be around family…to see the sun set beyond the camp fire and have children and Sadie running around having fun.  I am enjoying this spring and taking in every moment! is here to give you the tools to enjoy your dog more! We have a great assortment of Natural Dog Supplements, Treats, Leashes, and Toys.