Barkworthies BullyBone Dog Treats
Barkworthies BullyBone Dog Treats

Barkworthies BullyBone Dog Treats

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Barkworthies BullyBone Dog Treats

Chewing and Chomping will be more exciting than ever with the BullyBone. It is a beef shin bone with a bully stick wrapped around it. Two treats in one! Bones are a great source of calcium, which strengthens bones and joints. Chewing Bones and Bully Sticks is good for fidos dental hygiene. The gnawing action assists in cleaning plaque and tarter away, leaving your dog with a brighter and a more healthy mouth. The Bully Bone is a long lasting dog chew that will provide double the chewing pleasure! The cattle used are sourced from Brazil and are raised Free-Range & Grass-Fed.

Product Benefits:

  • All Natural
  • Free-Range & Grass-Fed
  • Additive-free, Chemical-Free, and Preservative-Free

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