Bark & Harvest Beef Jerky Dog Treats
Bark & Harvest Jerky Dog Treats

Bark & Harvest Beef Jerky Dog Treats

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Size Approx 22" Long Pieces, 5 Count
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Bark & Harvest uses 100% Beef Weasand to provide this natural and wholesome snack. It is packed with succulent flavor and is formed into extra long strips your dog will enjoy. Each piece is protein rich, grain-free and will bring extra excitement to snack-time. Beef Weasand (Esophagus) provides a natural source of glucosamine which helps support joint function. It is a Preservative-Free snack that is grain-free and gluten-free.

Product Benefits:

  • Limited Ingredient Snack
  • 100% Beef Esophagus
  • Extra Long Strips
  • Packed in a Re-Sealable Bag

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