Aunt Jeni's Enhance Digestive Aid Probiotics for Dogs
Aunt Jenis Enhance Probiotics for Dogs

Aunt Jeni's Enhance Digestive Aid Probiotics for Dogs

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Aunt Jeni's Enhance Digestive Aid Probiotics for Dogs
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Aunt Jenis Digestive Aid features Probiotics for Dogs & Cats!

Maintaining good digestive health is an important part of overall health. Even when feeding healthy & raw foods...a supplement such as this one is still beneficial. Digestive Enzymes assist in functions such as absorption of nutrients, maintaining the immune system, and overall digestive health. This formula features Probiotics & Prebiotics as well. Prebiotics are known to assist in the overall health of good bacteria while Probiotics keep balance of the bacteria and make sure the digestive system is operating efficiently.

The included herbs such as Slippery Elm, Peppermint Leaf, and Marshmallow Root work together to soothe and lubricate the digestive tract.


Give with food, at each meal. The capsules can be easily opened and mixed into food, or can be given by mouth.

Pets Weighing 15 - 30 lbs - 1 Capsule
Pets Weighing 30 - 60 lb - 2 Capsules
Pets Weighing 60 - 90 lb - 3 Capsules
Pets Over 90 lb - 4 Capsules
Pets Under 15 lbs should get 1 Capsule Per Day, but divide it evenly among all daily meals.

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