AromaDog Lyme Blaster Tick Bite Treatment for Dogs
AromaDog Lyme Blaster Tick Bite Treatment for Dogs

AromaDog Lyme Blaster Tick Bite Treatment for Dogs

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Lyme Blaster is a tick bite treatment for dogs. It is formulated with powerful anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, bactericidal essential oils and a potent flower essence. Lyme Disease is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of bacteria called a spirochete that is carried inside the stomachs of ticks. In some cases mites and biting flies can also transmit the bacteria. The spirochete is able to wrap around cells and actually form a cyst like wall around itself which enables it to make its home anywhere in the body. It is an insidious bacterium that one it is in the bloodstream, looks for places to hide and becomes very difficult to treat. A tick needs to feed for 12 to 36 hours (there are cases of only 2 hours) before it transmits the spirochete as well many other types of bacteria. This formula is designed to try and stop the infection at the site of the tick bite after the tick has been removed. You place the drops on the area where the tick has been, and the deep penetrating action of Lyme Blaster will start.

Key Ingredients:
Tea Tree Select is grown on a special plantation in New South Wales and contains the highest percentage of the most active healing aromatic molecule, Terpinene-4. The normal range of this alcohol is commercial tea tree is 30-36%, but in Select it is 43.1%

Leleshwa is in the sage family that comes from Southern Africa and its uses are numerous and impressive among them its very strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Animals actually rub against this shrub to protect and remove ticks and other biting critters.

Spike Lavender with its strong camphor compounds is a powerful anti-bacterial especially with anaerobic (yes, the spirochete is anaerobic) bacteria.

Teasel is a wild energetic flower found along roadsides or just about anywhere. It resembles a thistle but its flowertops and roots are extremely valuable in their ability to calm and raise vibration.

Product Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Helps Attack the Bacteria
  • No Chemicals

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